Quantitive Equity Valuation Workshop

  • Valuation is the estimation of an asset value, based either:
    • On variables related to future investment returns Or
    • On comparison with similar assets
  • The tools of equity valuation can be applied to solve several purposes:
    • Selecting Stocks: Is this a security that I shall sell, purchase or continue to own? Is it fairly valued, overvalued or undervalued?
    • Evaluating private businesses
    • Assessing the impact of Corporate Events (mergers, acquisition, buy-outs): As these will impact the company’s future cash flow.
    • Evaluating the impact of business strategies and models
  • The Valuation Process
    • Understanding the Business
    • Selecting the Appropriate Valuation Model
    • Forecasting Company Performance
    • Converting Forecasts to Valuation
    • Making the Investment Decision (recommendation)

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