Workshop Contents

The identification and management of corporate risk has gained particular impetus in the past few years.

The various market events witnessed since the 2008 crisis, have brought to the fore the importance of Enterprise Risks for investment companies. As such, they are key matters for the BODs and impinge on the whole business, rather than just an isolated unit. At the regulatory level, there is increasing focus on ensuring that companies only take the risks necessary to achieve their primary objectives while keeping all other risks under control.

Risk reports submitted by regulated companies to the regulators are more often than not descriptive in nature (qualitative) and, due to mathematical complexity, do not sufficiently cover the quantitative analytics which are the essence of risk reporting and analysis.

The course brings together a methodology for Risk Monitoring and Reporting for Investment concerns, based on the regulatory requirements of CMA and CBK in the State of Kuwait, and the relevant technical practices and processes

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